Cello Neck graft

This is a cello neck I recently had to replace after the instrument had fallen, snapping the neck. Fortunately for the customer the instrument was insured making the situation less painless than it otherwise could have been.

Firstly a replacement piece of wood is chosen as closely matching as possible. The neck is removed (what’s left) and the mortice is cleaned in the rib structure.

Clamping blocks and a cast for the back of the scroll is made and the ‘C’ and ‘A’ peg holes bushed before proceeding to cut away the neck from the peg box. The mortice in the peg box is prepared to insert the new neck which is finely trimmed. While fitting several factors have to be kept in mind. Accurately centring it into the peg box, getting the right amount of angle projecting over the scroll and the cross angle to seat the fingerboard allowing for ease of bowing.

The fingerboard is cleaned and glued back on centrally.

The neck shape is loosely carved out and then fitted into the body. Similarly to fitting the neck onto the peg box the same factors need to be considered. Making sure the neck is centre to the body, the projection is at the correct height and centred, the slant of the neck and also the step from the body to the finger board.

Before gluing the neck is shaped and finished.

Once glued the varnish is then applied.

If your instruments neck isn’t straight or even if the instrument feels uncomfortable to play, it could be misaligned. Please contact me via the homepage contact form to arrange a consultation.



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